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Amatus records that "William son of Tancred came from Normandy to Italy with his two brothers Drogo and Humphrey " 117, probably dated to 1035. . M firstly (Feb 1316) as his third wife, oshin King of Armenia, son of LEO II King of Armenia his wife Kyr Anna Theophano of Lampron (1282-murdered, bur Trazarg). Louis XII King of France and Fernando II "el Catolico" King of Aragon agreed secretly at Granada Nov 1500 on a partition of the Italian territories. . Corrado his wife had nine children: i) federigo (-Palermo ). . The absence of further references to Emmas family could indicate a distinction between the status of the two sisters within the Welf dynasty. . The Chronicon Varadiense names " primogenitusdux Carolus Martellussecundus sanctus Ludovicus episcopus Tholosanus, tertiusrex Robertus, quartusPhilippus et quintus Johannes principes " as the five sons of " Carolo claudo filio Caroli magni regis Siciliæ " and his wife " rexBelæfilia Maria " 831. . He and his wife were poisoned by orders of his brother-in-law Charles III King of Sicily. The Gestis Comitum Barcinonensium record that " Raimundus-Berengarii filius Raimundi-Berengarii " married " filiamRotberti Guiscardi Ducis Apuliæ et Messinæ " 324. . He was imprisoned in Sicily, later in Barcelona, by the king of Aragon 798. .

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After the French invasion, he was forced to flee Naples for Ischia, later Messina. . He is shown second in the list in the Annals of Romoald. . According to William of Tyre (Continuator Gauthier de Brienne married " la suer de sa feme au conte Jame de Tricart " 637, which contradicts the Thomas Tusci Gesta Imperatorum et Pontificum which names " Iacobo comiti de Tricario " as second husband of Gauthier.  The Chronicle of Romualdo Guarna records the deaths of " Albyriareginaet filia eiusTarentinus princeps et Anfusus Capuanorum princeps et Henricus recorded in a section dealing with 1145 although the text appears to be recapitalitive of earlier events 490. Charles dAnjou (1252/54-Palace of Poggioreale, bur Naples Dominican church, transferred by order of his son King Roberto I to Aix-en-Provence, Convent Notre-Dame de Nazareth, and again to église de Saint-Barthélemi Aix-en-Provence). .

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In 1442, he declared Sicily and Naples united to form the "Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and was recognised as ruler of Naples in June 1443 by swingerclub osnabrück swingerclub dingolfing Pope Eugene. . Snorre's Heimkringsla records that " William king of Sicilyhad three daughtershis third daughter, Margaret, was married to the chief of the corsairs " 599. . The Chronicon of Bernold records that " Praxedis reginæ " made complaints about her treatment " inauditas fornicationum spurcicias " to the synod of Konstanz in 1094 and that her separation was agreed in 1095 at the same synod 439. . He invaded the Popes territories and seized Rome The Annales Ludovici di Raimo record the death of " Re Lanzilao " 911. . The Thomas Tusci Gesta Imperatorum et Pontificum names " illegitimus filius FredericiFredericusde Antiochia quod Antiochia dicta fuit mater eius " 742. . Constanza was captured at Salerno by the forces of Tancredo 650, but escaped back to Germany while she was being sent to the Pope. . M (9 May/14 Sep 937) as his third wife, hugues "le Grand" Duc des Francs, son of robering of France his second wife Béatrix de Vermandois (898-Dourdan, Essonne Jun 956, bur Saint-Denis). Abbess of Gandersheim 1061. . M (Trani Cathedral ) as her first husband, isabelle de Villehardouin, daughter and heiress of guillaume II de Villehardouin le Grand Dent Prince of Achaia his third wife Anna Komnenedukaina of Epirus (1260/63-). . Abbess of Santa Chiara at Messina. M (1245/46) riccardo Conte di Caserta, son of - (-after ). . Vinciguerra his wife had one child: (a) federigo de Aragón. . " Ludowicusrex " made a grant of property " in Alamannia in pagoBrisahgawe " to " filius noster Karolus " as dowry for his unnamed wife dated 1 Aug 862. . " Aloisia comitissa Salutiarum uxor Thomæ I marchionis Salutiarum " consented to donations by " eundem marchionem eorum filio Mainfredo " on the occasion of the latters marriage to " Beatrice filia quondam Mainfredi regis Siciliæ " by charter dated. Guillaume of Jumièges records that Constantiniensis Drogo filius Tancredi de Alta-villa was made princeps Normannorum in Apulia 124. .

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